Phulara Ridge

An adventurous and unusual trek.

About Phulara Ridge Trek. 


          Located in Uttarakhand, district Uttarkashi. 

           4 Day Trek (Excluding travel days)

           Popular for It's flora and fauna, (valley of gods).


            Adventurous, a perfect trek for beginners. 

          Approx. 30 k.m. trekking from base camp to the Peak. (You will walk daily 6 hours) 

          Summer Trek : April to October (frequented by rain, be equipped with rainy outfits)

          Winer Trek : Not available, (it become too difficult to climb during winter.) 

         Difficulty Level : Easy to moderate (long and steep climbing during peak.)


         Safety :  Arrangements of medical supplies, Various Multiple entry and exit points

                       Well marked trails,If any trekkers have any more problems, then they are                                   brought back to the base camp by laying them in the stretcher.





Pulara Ridge is a place where two sides of the mountain meet, you will walk in the middle of two valleys. Most adventurous journey for a beginners, but the person should be physically fit and well equipped with rainy gears, as this summer trek is frequented by rain, water resistant trekking boots is necessary.

We are gratified that you choose us for your trekking journey. It will be a 4 day 3 night.  

We will pick up you from hotel in Dehradun or from your arrival spot, a day before trek start, at early morning, to reach our base camp in Gaichwan Gaon. (take 7-8 hours.)     


We drive through Dehradun and Mussoorie, and also we pass by wonderful pine forests.

Phulara trail has a beautiful stretch walking on a mountain ridge, you will walk on a narrow elevated crest for some distance, This Summer trek is very special, the view and the temperature are all favorable to you, the forests on Phulara Ridge is extremely dense. you will listen the chirps, the whistle of birds and the rustles of trees, it will blow your mind and heart, a different level of peace. The eye-catching meadows of Pushtara on one side and a beautiful valley and the mountain views on another side is mesmerizing experience.






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